Calibre/Item: 9mm
Make: Smith & Wesson
Model: 929 JM Performance Centre
Action: Revolver
Condition: Excellent
Price: $1995
Advertised: 5/06/2019
Comment: S&W Performance Centre 929JM, Excellent condition, suit new buyer. Viper holster, TKC moon clip loader, 10 extra moon cl...
GCPC 85 Edmund Rice Dr Southport Qld
Calibre/Item: 30-30
Make: Winchester
Model: 94 Sioux Carbine
Action: Lever
Condition: Fair
Price: $750
Advertised: 5/06/2019
Comment: Model 94 Sioux Carbine shows signs of being carried in the field. More pic available. Good to fair condition $750 plus p...
GCPC 85 Edmund Rice Dr Southport Qld