Calibre/Item: 270W
Make: Parker Hale
Action: Bolt repeater
Scope/Sights: none
Condition: Good
Price: $600
Advertised: 7/11/2020
Comment: Parker Hale .270 Win built on a comercial Santa Barbra M98 action. The rifle has been professionally bedded into a fibe...
State: VIC
Calibre/Item: 223
Make: CZ
Model: 527
Action: Bolt repeater
Scope/Sights: VXIII 2.5 - 8x32 Leupold
Condition: Very Good
Price: $1300
Advertised: 7/11/2020
Comment: CZ Stainless synthetic .223 with a Leupold VXIII 2.5-8x scope. The rifle shoots well and is in very good condition, I'm ...
State: VIC
Calibre/Item: Barrel 257 Wby Mag
Make: Swan
Model: M98
Condition: Excellent
Price: $500
Advertised: 10/10/2020
Comment: Near new Swan stainless steel .257 Wby barrel, threaded for a Zastava/M98 action. The barrel has fired aprox 80 shots, a...
State: VIC