Calibre/Item: 223
Make: Wedgetail Industries
Model: WT-15 / AR15
Action: Semi auto
Serial No: 068
Condition: New
Price: $5850
Advertised: 16/07/2019
Licence number: 76234
Comment: No import permits required!
The WT-15 is a premium quality AR-15 type rifle made in Australia.
No AG import permit is required to own this rifle - only a Cat D firearms licence and PTA.

The WT-15 features billet machined upper and lower receiver, ambidextrous controls, and a lifetime warranty with full spare parts support.
All parts interchange with mil-spec AR-15 rifles and parts.
This version has a 16" barrel and ships with 1 x 30 round magazine. Additional 20 and 30 round PMAGS are available to purchasers.
Transfering dealer: RARCO Engineering, Hobart, Tas
State: TAS
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