Calibre/Item: 243W
Make: Tikka
Model: T3 Left Hand Varmint
Action: Bolt Repeater
Scope: Mounts
Barrel Length: 24 ins
Serial No: H99026
Condition: New
Price: $1295
Advertised: 30/11/2018
Licence number: 406987044
Phone: 0427 454 400
Comment: Brand new unfired LEFT HAND 243W T3 Varmint with original box, packing, instruction manual, wrapping, sling swivels and dovetail scope mount. This rile is in perfect condition exactly as it left the factory and hasn't even had the bolt cycled in the action.
These Varmint models are a pleasure to shoot and have very little recoil. Triggers are good, action is silky smooth and accuracy is outstanding. They are great off a bench and also definitely not too heavy to use as a walk around / carry rifle. 243W is a very versatile calibre ranging from 55 grain to 100 grain bullets. They hit a lot harder and are flatter shooting than any of the .224 cals and still useful for medium game. The 243W Varmint models are currently nil stock with the importer Beretta Aus and won't arrive until mid April, and then you will be paying around $1850 for one. Your rifle will be very well packed when shipped to your dealer. $1295
Transfering dealer: Located Sydney NSW
State: NSW
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