Calibre/Item: 6.5x55
Make: Carl Gustaf
Model: M96/38
Action: Bolt repeater
Serial No: 117014
Condition: Very Good
Price: $650
Advertised: 8/11/2018
Licence number: 15215944-04
Phone: 0434141001
Comment: 1902 manufacture, excellent steelwork in almost perfect condition. One of the best I´ve seen out of hundreds.

Non matching walnut stock which has been cut to Swedish rifle club configuration with no front metal/bayonet lug. Stock is nicely done. Rifle was modified by the Arsenal to M38 configuration with bent bolt.

Has original range plate on the butt which is rare, Grade 1 bore, Mirror bore. Good shooter and in top working condition.
Transfering dealer: Qld Shooters Supplies
State: QLD
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