Calibre/Item: 308W
Make: Kimber
Model: 8400
Action: Bolt repeater
Serial No: KW22406
Condition: Excellent
Price: $1500
Advertised: 22/11/2018
Licence number: 337648z
Phone: 0429001179
Comment: Up for sale is my Kimber M 8400 rifle. I am the second owner. The rifle use to belong to a dedicated F class shooter. Somehow I never found time myself to get into it. The rifle is in excellent condition.
Some basic info about rifle.
The rifle is accurate. The previous owner with hand loads achieved under 0.5 Moa. I tested rifle myself with factory ammo off the bench on Sinclair bipod /rear bag and it grouped shots very well.
Target crown. 2 x studs on forend. It has a 20MOA picatinny rail. Barrel 13 twist. Weight 6.2kg rifle only. New Maddco barrel , 65 cm long(around 25 inches from crown to chamber), only 100 rounds fired.
The Action tuned up by Island accuracy.
Bedding job by Gary Hunt Bendigo.
Barrel fitted by MADDCO target barrel
F class trigger very crisp.
Bedded pillar and resin
Adjustable cheek piece
From my research Kimber used McMillan stock for this model.
5 bullet magazine, tight action with large extractor claw.
Also included cleaning rod and jigs/ brushes.
Any inspection in Adelaide is welcome, the rifle will not disappoint, it is truly awesome. Also I got ammo load recipes from the previous owner including COAL which I am happy to forward to you.
Transfer and postage to be payed by purchaser appr 100-200 (insured) depending where you live.
Transfering dealer: TRSA
State: SA
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