Calibre/Item: 17 WSM
Make: Franklin Armoury
Model: Libertas F17-L
Action: Semi Auto
Barrel Length: 20in Heavy Contour
Serial No: R-0686
Condition: Excellent
Price: $3200
Advertised: 28/02/2019
Licence number: 526-231-10F
Phone: 0418 554 909
Comment: No AGs. Ready to go. 10 Round near new Cat C, Dealers, Collectors. The F-17™ Series is the worlds first gas piston rimfire rifle. It shoots a .17 Winchester Super Magnum Rimfire round that operates at 33,000 PSI while producing velocities up to 3,000 FPS.
Transfering dealer: The Victorian Armoury Vic
State: VIC
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