Calibre/Item: Rangefinder
Make: Terrapin
Model: TerrapinX
Condition: New
Price: $3300
Advertised: 21/12/2018
Licence number: 343254H
Phone: 0438893966
Comment: Brand new in stock ready to ship the new TerrapinX Rangefinder. The best civilian grade rangefinder on the market. Measures 2000m off hand and over 3000m with stable platform. Remote trigger from app as well as connectivity to Kestrel. Only civilian grade rangefinder we have tested that would reliably give readings beyond 1400m in the rain. Lightweight and portable it is also a hunters ideal device with vector calculation ability. Basically range the deer, range a rock you want to shoot from and the Terrapin App (without phone service) will display the calculated distance between those two points enabling you to plan those shots before even leaving your glassing knoll.
State: SA
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