Calibre/Item: 17 HMR
Make: CZ
Model: 453 American
Action: Bolt repeater
Scope: Tasco world class 3-9x40
Serial No: A724571
Condition: Very Good
Price: $950
Advertised: 26/12/2018
Licence number: 409813413
Phone: 0417980663
Comment: CZ 453 American in a Boyd´s Tacticool stock. Comes with 1 x 5 round magazine and 1 x 10 round magazine. This rifle has a factory set trigger. However it has had a trigger job and the non set is lighter than the factory set. It also has been professionally bedded. If purchased locally will come with a few packets of ammo.
Transfering dealer: A & R Shooting Supplies NSW
State: NSW
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