Calibre/Item: 220 Swift Ackley
Make: Barnard
Model: S
Action: Bolt s/shot
Scope: Burris rings
Barrel Length: 25 inches
Serial No: S1509
Condition: Very Good
Price: $3000
Advertised: 11/01/2019
Licence number: 406941214
Phone: 0499417833
Comment: Barnard s single shot, set up on V blocks, jewel HVR trigger. 2 barrels. 1/14 twist short throat excellent condition. 1/8 twist long throat excellent condition
Plus 1 fireform barrel. Stock is 3 piece laminate , jarrah and American oak
Comes with 4-500 cases
Whidden full length bushing die cut to reamer print
Redding seating die
Capable of shooting 1/2 Moa it to 300 yds

Transfering dealer: LRP Solutions
State: NSW
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