Calibre/Item: 12G
Make: Arizzabalaga
Model: Best
Action: SLE (H&H pattern, assisted opener)
Barrel Length: 73.5 cm (29 ins)
Serial No: 46-03-007-04
Choke: 1/4 - 3/4
Condition: Excellent
Price: $11000
Advertised: 14/01/2019
Licence number: 405465551
Phone: 0412 195 212
Comment: ´Best´ claim matched by quality of build, finished to the standard of best English and Italian shotguns. According to Weiland, Pedro Arrizabalaga was, in his day, the gunmaker of Eibar that all others looked up to. Built in the great period of this boutique Basque gunmaker. A beautiful classic gun great for duck and quail hunting, as well as sporting clays.
Transfering dealer: Thornton Hunting & Outdoors NSW
State: NSW
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