Calibre/Item: 308W
Make: Rangemaster Precision Arms
Model: Quadlock Left Hand
Action: Bolt single shot
Scope: Tasco 10-40x50
Serial No: 3206
Condition: Very Good
Price: $6000
Advertised: 27/01/2019
Licence number: 409829586
Phone: 0432555605
Comment: I am leaving the sport to pursue other activities (scuba and paragliding) For sale is a LH RPA Quad lock in a HPS modified stock. The action has been lapped and trued. It´s a switch barrel. It has two barrels. One with 200 rds and the other has never been fired.
Both barrels have been indexed to 6 o´clock by Matt Paroz. Barrels are Bartlein medium Palma 30" 1:11 5R left twist.
Included in the sale and cannot separate because the system is designed to work together: 1 RPA action lapped and trued. RPA Gold factory 500gr trigger. 1 HPS stock with an engineered forend clamp. The velocity of a 30" barrel with the rigidity of a 17" barrel. It´s a scalpel of a rifle.
2 Bartlein L twist barrels chambered with the same reamer. The have each their own individual barrel tuner. Also:
* 1 Picatinny rail 20moa
* 1 Tasco rifle scope 10-40 with steel rings
* 1 Wilson neck sizing die and 1 Wilson seating die that have been chambered with the same reamer.
* The PTG reamer that was used to ream barrels and dies.
* 400 new fireformed cases that are separated in batches of 50 by weight. They were neck turned, flash hole uniformed, primer pocket reamed etc. And then batched.
* The load development.
* The barrel vise system to interchange the barrels.
* The anti seize paste. $6000.
If you pm your email address I will send you pictures of it all. Fernando 0432555605
Transfering dealer: New South Wales Rifle Association
State: NSW
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