Calibre/Item: 7.62x54R
Make: Mosin Nagant
Model: 91/30
Action: Bolt repeater
Serial No: MC1049
Condition: Good
Price: $750
Advertised: 7/02/2019
Licence number: 753-723-51B
Phone: 0439387356
Comment: For sale is the pictured Mosin Nagant 91/30 with a 1943 dated receiver. Non-matching numbers with a bent sniper bolt. No rust, bluing is in very good condition, bore is good. Would make an excellent base for a sniper. Plenty of Russian stamps all over it. Transfer through Gun Emporium Melbourne. Any shipping and dealer to dealer fees will be the responsibility of the purchaser. More photos available upon request.
Transfering dealer: Gun Emporium Tullamarine Vic
State: VIC
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