Calibre/Item: 7mm SAW
Make: Tikka
Model: CTR
Action: Bolt Repeater
Scope: None
Serial No: K51487
Condition: Excellent
Price: $3500

Price Reduced

Advertised: 21/02/2019
Licence number: 411466500
Phone: 0447444348
Comment: Customised Tikka CTR with new, unfired 26" 8 twist heavy palma Proof Research steel barrel chambered in 7mm SAW. Fitted into a Manners T4A stock in GAP camo with CTR DBM and one CTR magazine included. Also includes Sterk swept handle and sako style shroud, SAP 2 round holder, and APA LB brake. Barrel is cerakoted matt black.

Scope, rings, Area 419 Arca Rail, RRS Harris Arca attachment and bipod are not included. Rail and accessories can be included for additional cost.

The 7mmSAW is capable of pushing 162/8 grain projectiles to 2800-2900fps using die formed SRP Lapua 308W Palma brass. My other 7mm SAW is shooting the 162gr Hornady ELD-M at 2865fps. See the West Texas Ordnance website for additional information on the 7mm SAW.
Transfering dealer: Abelas Campbelltown NSW
State: NSW
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