Calibre/Item: 7x65R / 16G / 16G
Make: Hubertus Suhl
Model: Drilling
Scope: Swarovski 6x42
Barrel Length: 28.5 inches
Serial No: 993161
Choke: 3 Briley
Condition: Good
Price: $3400
Advertised: 26/02/2019
Licence number: 9304/8
Phone: 0447309040
Comment: A picture of the Hubertus drilling. Manufactured Suhl Germany, double barrel 16G, single 7x65R, rifle barrel very accurate, first 16G barrel has Briley chokes fitted, shoots well with 1oz rifled slugs with skeet choke, 3 chokes included. Shotgun barrel is well regulated to rifle with scope, Swarovski steel scope 6x42 with detachable claw mounts, retains point of aim when replaced. Nice walnut, engraving on the receiver shows ducks on one side and deer on the other, St Hubertus underneath. If Tasmanian purchase have rifled slug loaded and slugs loose, cases, loaded rounds and Redding dies, and roll crimper. I want $3400 for it but may consider a similar offer. See what you think

State: TAS
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