Calibre/Item: 270W
Make: Sako
Model: 85 Classic
Action: Bolt repeater
Barrel Length: 570mm
Serial No: J66908
Condition: Excellent
Price: $3000
Advertised: 4/03/2019
Licence number: 3933184
Phone: 0408791589
Comment: Sako 85 Classic. Beautiful rifle in excellent condition and unmarked as new with beautiful walnut stock and rosewood forend. Includes 30mm optilock rings and bases. Does not include scope. Easily shoots 1/2" MOA @ 100m with 130 gr projectiles and AR2209. Has fired less than 40 rounds. Am going for a Finlite that I can knock around in the bush. Lots of close up photos available.
Transfering dealer: Sportsmarine Bunbury WA
State: WA
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