Calibre/Item: 22LR
Make: Lithgow
Model: No I Mk III
Action: Bolt s/shot
Serial No: 56623
Condition: Very Good
Price: $1250
Advertised: 8/03/2019
Licence number: 405843938
Phone: 0422920321
Comment: Started life as a standard SMLE. Converted to a 303-25 scope added and stock sporterised. New Lithgow 22 barrel and bolt head fitted, new walnut stock set, spare parts source to finish and now is to SMLE No.2 MkIV standard. Some of the military fish is worn, but general very good condition metalwork and new stock. Also has the benefit of being fitted with a scope. Easy to remove and still use the open sights with the scope base fitted. One inch rings with a Tasco 6x40 scope.
Transfering dealer: D.Davie, Wagga Wagga NSW
State: NSW
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