Calibre/Item: 375
Make: Savage
Model: 116
Action: Bolt s/shot
Scope: Redfield 4-12x40
Barrel Length: 565mm
Serial No: H934576
Condition: Excellent
Price: $1000
Advertised: 15/03/2019
Licence number: 411370364
Phone: 0466285970
Comment: Whole kit cost in excess of $1,500. Have fired this firearm 6 times. It is brand new and 12 months old. Held in storage at St mary´s gun range and never taken off-site. Have rounds with it. Whatever is in the box will tell you the exact amount of times it was fired. Only ever bought one box as they are in excess of $100. Selling as I joined Dear Hunting Club and found the 375 exceeds my needs. Prefer the 308 and it is softer on the shoulder and easier to handle
Transfering dealer: St Marys gun range NSW
State: NSW
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