Calibre/Item: 303
Make: Enfield
Model: No.I Mk.III SMLE
Action: Bolt repeater
Scope: Open SMLE sights
Serial No: A92574
Condition: Very Good
Price: $1950
Advertised: 23/03/2019
Licence number: 578-485-02B
Phone: 0416197494
Comment: No.1 Mk.III, exceptional condition over-all. Timber work is great, with no harsh dings or chips usually found on these old shooters.
Matching numbers and bore is very, very clean and shiny. Rifle has been professionally drilled and tapped for scope mounts.
All the items shown are included, if advertised price is met:
20 Winchester factory rounds and 36 military rounds included if local sale (cannot post ammo). Also included: 4 x stripper clips, original brass oil bottle and pull-through, button-up canvass action cover and sling, with the Light Horse bayonet and rifle boot thrown in.
Markings/stamps on rifle butt show that rifle has had:
Re-barrelled, and Rebuild. Both carried out at LSAF during October 1946.
Buyer to pay all transfer and postage costs.
Transfering dealer: Impact Trading Vic
State: VIC
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