Calibre/Item: Cases 6.5 SST
Make: ADG
Condition: New
Price: $395
Advertised: 7/06/2019
Licence number: 406987044
Phone: 0427 454 400
Comment: Bag of 100. If you have been closely following the latest developments in precision long range shooting you will most likely be aware of the Short Sherman line of cartridges based off the SAUM case.

The 6.5 Short Sherman Tactical was developed for PRS shooting offering extreme inherent accuracy, super efficiency, consistency, ease of load development and much improved barrel life.

This round has been in development for many years and has finally become commercial/proprietary with custom dies, reamer and high quality head stamped brass now available.

The ADG brass is very high quality, being on par with RWS, allowing much extended case life in excess of 25 reloads.

Reamers and dies are a phone call or a few clicks of a mouse away.

You can spend many hours following this development on the website Google short Sherman loads and see what comes up.

The designer Rich Sherman also now has a website up called

These Short Sherman and Short Sherman Tactical rounds make many other cartridges obsolete, and in the right hands would be almost impossible to beat.

The photo shows a 6.5SST case beside a 308W for comparison. Note the 30 degree shoulder and the long neck.

No stuffing around with case prep' here, these are ready to load up and shoot.

Transfering dealer: Located Sydney NSW
State: NSW
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