Calibre/Item: 223
Make: Remington
Model: 7615 Police
Action: Pump repeater
Scope: 1-4 Leupold Pig Plex
Serial No: RR18888V
Condition: Excellent
Price: $2700
Advertised: 10/08/2019
Licence number: 26539113-01
Phone: 0411210798
Comment: Selling a Remington 7615 Police. This gun was purchased new and has only fired 100-200 rounds. This rifel is fitted with several magpul genuine accessories. The rifle is also full cerokoted in flat dark earth ( as seen in photo). All works to this rifle have been performed by an experienced gun smith. This gun is in excess of $4000 to reproduce.
Transfering dealer: Oakhurst Firearms Qld
State: QLD
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