Calibre/Item: 13mm
Make: Mauser
Action: Bolt
Serial No: 4474
Condition: Very Good
Price: $18000
Advertised: 15/01/2021
Licence number: 503-120-70f
Phone: 03 5356 9129 only 12-2pm weekdays
Comment: WW1 German anti tank rifle, first in such weapons and founder of .50 cartridge. This gun was captured by USA forces at end of war in fixed defensive position and has rear sight modified by slight bend to ramp and bronze tack for such use over years. I have straightened a few, easy without realizing this was a true combat mod so left this as found. Also has camo to gun, the normally shiny receiver has been blacked to camo it and some brown also applied. Gun spent much of its time after war in USA legion hall under ideal storage conditions so wood is in above average condition. I imported it from the dealer who recovered it and also a bolt to match which was originally missing to render it non working for hall, so complete all USA captured item. While fully working, no warranty for use is given or implied as this is over 100 years old and receivers did crack as late war, hence usually left shiny to help detect cracks. I have one in collection with hairline crack. This is a chance to own a better than average iconic item for any Mauser or German war collector and they are drying up and whats on offer pretty rough of late. Much blue left on barrel, as well as black finish so sure would clean up a treat. Licence applicable for C class rifle, B class in Victoria
Transfering dealer: Military Museum Services, P.O Box 38, Landsborough Vic
State: VIC
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