Calibre/Item: Reloading Press Upgrading Kit
Make: Dillon
Model: XL 650 750
Condition: New
Price: $110
Advertised: 27/11/2019
Licence number: 10019655
Phone: 0418248298
Comment: Dillon reloading press XL650 750 upgrade kit, Brand new, made from highest quality filament. Fits the reloader perfectly and making reloading process 100 times easier.
No more live primers and spent primers spill over the floor once you get the catchers installed. Installation is just a simple swap and go. use the original screws and match all the holes.
Hex keys and locator pins holder keeps all small items organized and easy to find.
Powder adjustment knob made powder adjusting easy and precise.
Primer follower rod holder keeps the rod safe and easy to reach.
This kit included:
1 x Live primer catcher with chute, and slide out box with front clear window.
1x Spent primer catcher with slide out box.
1 x Hex keys and locator pins holder
1 x Powder adjustment knob
Please contact me for more details and I have YouTube videos showing how to install and use them. Thank you.
Transfering dealer: Australian Post
State: WA
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