Calibre/Item: Replica 7.62x39
Make: Denix
Model: AK47
Action: Replica
Serial No: 16382ES
Condition: Excellent
Price: $1650
Advertised: 8/12/2019
Licence number: 50001499
Phone: 0417006591
Comment: This a non firing replica of the AK47 assault rifle. Based off a Spanish made Denix replica with improvements. A replica working Romanian Under Folding stock has been fitted (Impossible to import now) a real foresight blade as well. All metal and timber, cock and click, magazine removes, strips very similar to the real rifle. I have professionally aged the rifle so it looks like the real rifle, Bayonet is included and FREE freight. No license in WA, other states vary, on Form 31 for Queensland collectors. Brokered off my QLD dealers licence, held on Collectors licence.
Transfering dealer: Mount Morgan Guns 11 Glen Gordon St. Mount Morgan QLD
State: QLD
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