Calibre/Item: 8mm
Make: Maxim
Model: 08/15
Action: Automatic
Condition: Fair
Price: $2500
Advertised: 15/01/2021
Licence number: 503-120-70f
Phone: 03 5356 9129 only 12-2pm weekdays
Comment: Last one of two offered with better jacket, replaced butt for display sa one sold last run of add, Maxim 08/15 display mg suitable for rebuild or deac as no internals, only outer body and flash hider remains. Registered in state as working gun so interstate wanting as deac will need to supply dealer to ship to. Buyer of will be offered more limited parts to purchase to go with it if so desired. Historic note -many wanted 08 rather than commoner 08/15 so war trophy committee issued 08/15 with instruction to remove butt and grip to make them look like 08. A fair chance thats what happened to these. A cheap display piece for someone only allowed deacs or has access to parts and desire to rebuild sn 7073
Transfering dealer: Military Museum Services, P.O Box 38, Landsborough Vic
State: VIC
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