Calibre/Item: 30-30
Make: Winchester
Model: 94 Trapper
Action: Lever repeater
Scope: Williams Peep
Serial No: 4808870
Condition: Good
Price: $1500
Advertised: 25/01/2020
Licence number: 11010451
Phone: 0429393177
Comment: Approx 1980 manufacture. 94 Trapper saddle ring carbine, 16.5in barrel, back sight removed and not present- probably done when Williams peep was fitted. Woodwork VGC for 40yr old rifle. Slight rusting on steelwork. Blemish steelwork on loading port side. Barrel not perfect but very shootable. My belief these are not made anymore as Winchester doesn´t list them. Selling for non-computer owner. Buyer to pay postage.
Transfering dealer: The Outpost Qld
State: QLD
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