Calibre/Item: 45 ACP
Make: Colt
Model: 1911A1 US ARMY
Action: Semi auto
Barrel Length: 125mm
Serial No: 21832302500
Condition: Good
Price: $2500
Advertised: 29/01/2020
Licence number: 9993670
Phone: 08 9258 4109
Comment: Colt slide on Remington Rand frame in good original condition. Includes correct "S" marked mag. Gun has very good finish to surfaces, slide has some minor pitting, barrel is very good. US Property & US Army marks unmolested but is light which occurred with some examples, FJA inspected. please email or call for info, shipping is $95 to your nominated dealer (No shipping to NT, Tas $25 extra)
Transfering dealer: Barry`s Firearms, 8 Clapham St Beckenham, WA
State: WA
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