Calibre/Item: 17 HMR
Make: Browning
Model: T-Bolt
Action: Straight pull bolt
Serial No: 22303ZT253
Condition: New
Price: $995
Advertised: 7/02/2020
Licence number: 406 703 80F
Phone: 1300 Gunshop
Comment: 2 x rotary mags 1 sits in the butt of the stock, light in weight with varmint barrel, excellent for walking long distances with, straight pull bolt action they are a pleasure to shoot and very accurate. Model no longer imported don't miss out. Price was $1095.00 now selling $995.00

Reff 23446
Transfering dealer: H.Rehfisch and Co. 903 LaTrobe St, Ballarat Vic
State: VIC
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