Calibre/Item: 177 Air
Make: Umarex
Model: Colt 1911
Action: C02
Serial No: F145053384
Condition: Good
Price: $250
Advertised: 8/02/2020
Licence number: 411352211
Comment: I purchased this Umarex pistol when I first started shooting to get me used to firing a 1911 without flinching. The weight and feel is very similar and it worked well. I also wanted to be able to fire plenty of rounds without worrying about the cost. Now however I find that I´m not using it any longer.

The pistol is in excellent condition. It is both single and double action. It comes with 5 rotary magazines, around 20 CO2 cylinders and two opened packs of pellets. All as shown in the photos.

Here is some further information:

Transfering dealer: Magnum Sports
State: NSW
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