Calibre/Item: Accessories
Make: Enfield
Model: Enfield SMLE No1 Mk3/No4/5
Condition: Excellent
Price: $65
Advertised: 28/09/2020
Licence number: 400018488
Phone: 0497444043
Comment: Australian Enfield SMLE 303 Rifle Accessories - Genuine original (not repro) Australian Army Enfield SMLE .303 rifle accessories set. Consists of unissued heavy web long khaki/green web rifle sling which is approx 58" (147cms) long rather than the 46" (116cms ) of the standard rifle sling; unissued brass/copper weight pull thru; used plastic oiler; and five unissued 5rd charger clips. NOTE: The rifle sling may have remnants of perished rubber band which can be picked off and protective grease on the brass fittings which can be removed by WD40 or similar. See photos for further main description Set #3 - Plus $12 Post
Transfering dealer: Bryburn Trading 11/ 2 Burrows Rd Sth, St.Peters NSW
State: NSW
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