Calibre/Item: Stripper Clips & Bandolier 303
Make: Enfield
Model: SMLE No1 Mk3/No4/5
Condition: Excellent
Price: $48
Advertised: 14/01/2021
Licence number: 400018488
Phone: 0497444043
Comment: 10 x Enfield SMLE .303 5rd Charger Clips & Bandolier. Unused in the grease. For use with British pattern .303's including No.1 Mk3; No4; No5; P14 etc. Ex-Australian Army surplus. Marked KF Mk 4 /|\ - Plus $10 Post - Several available
Transfering dealer: Bryburn Trading 11/ 2 Burrows Rd Sth, St.Peters NSW
State: NSW
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