Calibre/Item: 308W
Make: Sportco
Model: 44
Action: Bolt single shot
Scope: Central No 4
Serial No: DI 149
Condition: Very Good
Price: $375
Advertised: 10/04/2020
Licence number: 409221466
Phone: 0448 010 658
Comment: Externally probably the best one of these rifles that I have seen in original condition, but unfortunately the bore is dark and in poor shape. Comes complete with a Central No 4 rear sight and Parker Hale PHFS22A front sight with extra inserts. As a bonus has an original Central stamped storage tin for the sight and a leather sling. Has not been used in many years. $375 plus postage to your dealer. More photos available on request.
Transfering dealer: Finley Sports and Toys, 85 Finley St. Finley NSW
State: NSW
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