Calibre/Item: 223
Make: Remington
Model: 700
Action: Bolt repeater
Scope: Badger 30 MOA USMC pic
Barrel Length: 25" MTU 1:7
Serial No: 6626024
Condition: Excellent
Price: $2450
Advertised: 26/04/2020
Licence number: 43951 940914
Phone: 0423 600 499
Comment: Has fired 120 rounds only testing factory ammo. Am upgrading to an AI so surplus to my needs.

* Clip slotted older style action, accurised with Triggertech trigger
* H-S Precision PST025 target stock with action bedded
* Badger Ordnance recoil lug
* Badger 30 Moa pic rail to suit clip slot
* Cerakoted graphite black
* underside rail to stock and mount to suit Atlas rail mounted bipod
* 25" swan barrel in MTU profile with 1:7 twist
* Dodger M5 dbm and steel AICS 223 10 shot magazine.

Transfering dealer: Ignition Custom Engineering
State: SA
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