Calibre/Item: 308W
Make: Tac Ops
Model: X-Ray 51 Left Hand
Action: Bolt repeater
Scope: Pic rail
Serial No: X5136389
Condition: Excellent
Price: $10500
Advertised: 4/05/2020
Licence number: N0015099
Phone: 0411669212
Comment: Make me an offer, please no cheapskate offers or I won’t reply. These rifles cost in excess of $14k each! A little research will uncover the crazy lengths Tac Ops go too for accuracy like no other.

I have two Tac ops rifles listed, one .223 and the other .308. Both custom left hand builds to exact specifications with a wait time of 2 & 3 years respectively. With how much I shoot I just don’t need two. The .233 has fired exactly 60 Hornady Superformance 53gr and the .308 exactly 25 handloads (Lapua 155gr scenar @ 2925fps). The .223 is an accurized Rem 700 action and the .308 is a Surgeon.

Looking to sell one of them and I’ll keep the other, they’re both stunning! I’ve owned AI’s, Sako’s, Stiller, APRS etc. and non compare to a Tac Ops.

- McMillan A5 adjustable stock, pillar and glass bedded with additional spacers
- Calvin Elite trigger at crisp 1.5 pounds,
- Anschutz rail with Atlas bipod attachment,
- Traditional black and green paint and epoxy finish,
- 26" Krieger w/ 9/16x24 right hand thread,
- Harris Larue edition tactical bipod
- Olive laser cut pelican casw and cheek pack included

Load data available for which ever sells and also have lots of new brass and relevant reloading gear. Contact me for the exact specs on which one you’re interested in.
Transfering dealer: Buyers nominee
State: ACT
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