Calibre/Item: Barrel, Cases & dies 300 WSM
Make: Krieger & Remington
Condition: Very Good
Price: $700
Advertised: 1/06/2020
Licence number: 410740562
Phone: 0422823505
Comment: 30" Krieger barrel, heavy varmint taper, 10 twist. Round count 350, chambered by David Kerr WA for standard Remington 1.062" tenon. 152 Norma 300 WSM brass, 95 3-4 times fired, 67 unfired. Wilson micrometer seating die, Forster full length and bushing neck/bump die. Complete package ready to bolt on. Barrel is a genuine hummer and fired a number of sub 2" groups at 600 yards. Selling to fund a 223 barrel as I am focussing on FTR
Transfering dealer: New England Hunting Inverell
State: NSW
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