Calibre/Item: Mortar Round
Make: Australian
Model: WWII 4.2 inch
Action: Inert
Condition: Very Good
Price: $390
Advertised: 6/07/2020
Licence number: 753-723-20K
Phone: 0439387356
Comment: For sale is the pictured Australian 4.2 inch mortar as used in the Ordnance ML 4.2 Mortar during WW2 through to the late 50’s. WW2 date stamping refinished and restencilled in correct post war markings. A nice piece of Australian ordnance. Repro resin fuze cast off an original. Totally inert and FFE. Check states legislation for legal ownership of inert ordnance - will only be sold to those who can legally own. More pictures available. Postage available. Text enquiries preferred.
State: VIC
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