Calibre/Item: 380 ACP
Make: MTS Arms
Model: P96S
Action: Semi auto
Barrel Length: 75mm
Serial No: E030899
Condition: New
Price: $1295
Advertised: 7/07/2020
Licence number: 411774140
Phone: 0427 224 037
Comment: For the Post-46 collector. It's the only one ever imported. New in hard case, with cleaning rod and spare magazine, 10 shot, 75mm barrel. The P96 is short recoil operated, locked breech weapon with polymer frame. It uses rotary barrel locking, with single lug at the top of the barrel that engages ejection window in the slide. Trigger is of double action only, striker fired; for each shot, striker is pre-cocked during opening movement of the slide, and then brought to full cock before release by the pull of the trigger. There are no manual safeties, and trigger is fitted with automated trigger safety. Sights are fixed. Magazines are double stack, and hold 10 rounds.
Transfering dealer: Mudgee Firearms 98 Mortimer St Mudgee NSW
State: NSW
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