Calibre/Item: 22LR
Make: Winchester
Model: 9422
Action: Lever repeater
Barrel Length: 20"
Serial No: F364150
Condition: Excellent
Price: $4000
Advertised: 20/07/2020
Licence number: 50001434-00
Phone: 0437 214 771
Comment: This is a rare one off example of a 9422 Winchester that was Custom engraved for the Collingwood football Club circa 1970-80's, the words FLOREAT PICA, Latin for
(May the Magpie prosper) adorns the top of the receiver, The motto 'Floreat Pica' features on the front of the club's 1974 Christmas card.

The rifle was commissioned by Jeff Browne who was instrumental in bringing us the Discovery 1 and Discovery 2 Winchesters that are mentioned in books to this Day, this one you will not find written up, as it was most likely a raffle or presentation gift.

Jeff was one of Australia's finest grass roots engravers of Winchester Rifles and this is no exception being the one and only piece designed for such a highly followed footy Club.
Transfering dealer: Western Action Firearms, Mackay Qld
State: QLD
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