Calibre/Item: Ammunition 243W
Make: Federal / Winchester
Model: 75gr VSHP / 100gr Super X PP
Serial No: 0
Condition: New
Advertised: 21/07/2020
Licence number: 301280P
Phone: 0408811378
Comment: For sale is 111 rounds in total of 243W bullets.

Consisting of:

60 x Federal 75 Grain Vital Shock Speer Hollow Point

51 x Winchester 100 Grain Super X Power Point

New, unfired factory ammo.

Will sell for $200 or swap for equivalent number of 22 250 ammo.

The Federals current gun shop price is $56/pack and Winchester Super X is $36/pack. Equivalent new price is $258.

Selling this ammo as I sold my 243 and no longer need it.
State: SA
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