Calibre/Item: IR Night Vision Scope
Make: Yukon
Model: Photon RT 4.5x42S
Condition: Excellent
Price: $800
Advertised: 27/07/2020
Licence number: 3558437
Phone: 0427345560
Comment: Hi, I´ve finally decided to sell my Yukon Photon RT 4.5x42S IR night vision scope. I bought it to shoot pigeons at night for my air rifle, and did use it a couple of times. But then just decided to put my day scope back on (Hawke Airmax scope) and use that instead, with a small torch mounted on the side. So my IR scope is still pretty much brand new. It works well, and turns night into day when you look through it. I used it once to hunt rabbits at night, and it worked well. Their eyes glow and stand out alot with the IR torch on. And they can´t tell, they just keep sitting there. And if there´s a little bit of moon out, you don´t even need the IR torch on. Feel free to come and try it out at night, and get a feel for it. And certainly, feel free to give it back if anything goes wrong. And if you have a property near to Perth and would like to try it out on your rifle, not a problem. I´d like to keep the scope rings though. Paul. 0427 345 560
Transfering dealer: Claremont Firearms WA
State: WA
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