Calibre/Item: Bayonet
Make: Finnish
Model: M39 Mosin Nagant
Condition: Excellent
Price: $1500
Advertised: 4/08/2020
Licence number: 26553912
Comment: A very nice Finnish M1939 Mosin/Nagant bayonet.

100% original and very rare, only about 10 000 were made.
The bayonet meant to be used with M39 Mosin rifle but can be fixed to M27-M28 Series of rifles also.

The model was meant to replace the M27 - M28 series bayonets with newly made M39 rifle in the army and Civil Guard but the Winter war and then WWII started and the bayonet was made in small numbers for the Civil Guard only.

Condition is very good with very little wear and a couple of superficial spots of oxidation.

The sharpening looks to be original and good except a couple of nail catchers on the cutting edge.

The wooden handle is without cracks what ir rare since these are quite fragile.
Very nice markings both on the bayonet and scabbard.

Usually these bayonets are heavy sharpened and are in worse condition due to heavy use, this one is in very good condition.

I would not say that it is your last chance to grab one but these are becomming more scarce and more expensive every year. I have 3 of this bayonets and I want to sale 2 of them.

State: QLD
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