Calibre/Item: 303
Make: Enfield
Model: ShtLE Mk III *
Action: Bolt repeater
Serial No: G5834
Condition: Good
Price: $700

Price Reduced

Advertised: 7/08/2020
Licence number: 3678447
Phone: 0447827520
Comment: Ex Cadet No1 Mk III*. Matching bolt/action/nose cap. Forewood has been replaced with a newer coachwood example. Aust Issue markings. Original butt. Has both a yellow nose (indicating 2nd grade cadet rifle) and red band (indicating unsafe to fire ball ammo) Bore is clean.
This rifle should not be shot unless fully cleared by a gunsmith.
Good one for a collector.
Transfering dealer: Claremont Firearms WA
State: WA
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