Calibre/Item: 22LR
Make: Ruger
Model: 10/22
Action: Semi-Auto
Scope: Leupold VX 3-9x40Freedom
Serial No: 233-96837
Condition: Very Good
Price: $1850
Advertised: 14/08/2020
Licence number: 408406127
Phone: 0400344294
Comment: Price includes postage. Boyds skeleton stock. KIDD trigger group with extended mag release. Bolt buffer. KIDD 16.5" alloy fluted barrel, 1/2"x28 muzzle thread with cap. 1/2"x28 to 1/2"x20UNF custom-profiled adaptor. Rail. Leupold rings. Leupold VX Freedom 3-9x40 Ballistic Reticle (drop chart available to 120m). Spare magazine. Boresnake. No jams or misfires. Loves CCI standard blue box and will put 10 fast shots into 3/4" every time. Ultra-short, ultra-light, totally reliable and very accurate. CAT C
Transfering dealer: Tough Gear, Queanbeyan NSW
State: ACT
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