Calibre/Item: Projectiles 30 cal
Make: Various
Model: Various
Condition: New
Price: $460
Advertised: 30/08/2020
Licence number: 406987044
Phone: 0427 454 400
Comment: Price includes shipping anywhere in Australia. Grab a great deal on this lot of 891 30 cal bullets from 110gr to 165gr.
60 x 110gr Hornady VMAX
129 x 125gr Sierra Spitzer
20 x 125gr Speer TNT
173 x 144gr ADI FMJ
97 x 150gr Hornady FMJ
127 x 150gr Sierra FMJ
24 x 150gr Nosler Partition
224 x 150gr Nosler Ballistic Tip
37 x 165gr Nosler Ballistic Tip
Bullet Total = 891

Transfering dealer: Located Sydney NSW
State: NSW
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