Calibre/Item: Stock
Make: Custom
Model: Jefferey Brit styled
Condition: New
Price: $795
Advertised: 4/09/2020
Licence number: 61054739779
Phone: 0429 773 986
Comment: New pattern available! Custom Jefferey styled British stock, exquisitely shaped pattern that is a beauty to hold and throw to the shoulder. Cast at the Tangs which benefits hand and trigger finger position greatly. Machined out of ¼ sawn high contrast, brilliantly streaked dense walnut with scattered faint background fiddleback. Inletted to suit a 1909 Argentine Action and traditional british profiled barrel. Perfectly suited for building a .333 Jefferey, this calibre and barrel profile to suit this stock available from Swan Barrels in QLD. Brass and .333 Projies available readily aswell. Requires final fitting & finishing etc, more pics available on request.
Transfering dealer: Hatchers Rifle Stocks Vic
State: VIC
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