Calibre/Item: 240 Wby Mag
Make: Weatherby
Model: Mark V Arroyo RC
Action: Bolt
Scope: Warne Bases
Serial No: PS000078
Condition: Very Good
Price: $3199

Price Reduced

Advertised: 10/11/2020
Licence number: 409982312
Comment: Weatherby Mark V Arroyo Range Certified by Adam Weatherby. These rifles retailed for $6000 new, only 2 years ago. Rifle has done approximately 100 rounds. Comes with dies and fired cases, ready to go. There is some marking on the action externally where it was scraped slightly on concrete, nothing a Cerakote technician couldn´t fix. Rifle is super comfortable to shoot, and light enough to carry around.
State: NSW
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