Calibre/Item: Replica
Make: Shoei
Model: FG42
Action: Replica
Condition: Excellent
Price: $3500
Advertised: 12/10/2020
Licence number: 753-723-30L
Phone: 0439387356
Comment: For sale is the pictured replica (imitation firearm) FG42 made by Shoei of Japan. This is a museum quality replica made of steel. Full field strip and cycles and ejects dummy rounds provided. Period correct markings on receiver. The best possible gap filler in any German WW2 collection with real steel examples in Australia non-existent in private collections and real steel selling in the states for up to a quarter of a million. Held under a GIC exemption in Victoria. Sale will be subject to verification of legal ownership. Vic requires GIC exemption or CCAPW, QLD Cat R, WA no permit required but just be 18+. All other states subject to respective legislation and regulations. Text enquires preferred.
Transfering dealer: Buyers Nominee
State: VIC
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