Calibre/Item: Barrel + cases + dies 7.62x39
Make: Bullberry + Lapua + RCBS/Hornady/Lee
Model: Thompson Center Contender/G2
Condition: Excellent
Price: $1000
Advertised: 25/10/2020
Licence number: 55731T
Phone: 0412868648
Comment: Bullberry 12 inch stainless Contender/G2 bull barrel in 7.62x39 (.308 bore), with cases and dies to suit.

NOTE: .308 bore - this means it CANNOT be used with factory or mil surplus 7.62x39 ammo - handloads only using .308 projectiles.

Bullberry barrels are arguably the best of the aftermarket options for the Thompson/Center break barrel guns. I acquired this one second hand several years ago but didn´t end up using it, appears to have had very little use prior to me getting it. Fitted with Weaver rail.

Selling as a package only with the following:
- 200 brand new Lapua cases + 90 used Lapua cases (unknown how many times fired but look to have plenty of life left).
- Barely used RCBS FL die set with shellholder (includes .308 and .311 expanders).
- Brand new Hornady short .30 cal neck sizer die.
- Brand new LEE factory crimp die
- Brand new LEE case length gauge & shell holder (removed from packet).

Price does not include postage/dealer fees.

Prefer initial contact by email as I am not always in a position to answer phone calls/SMS.
Transfering dealer: SA Rifle Association
State: SA
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