Calibre/Item: Looking for
Make: Lever action 357 Mag / 38 Special or 30-30
Condition: 0
Advertised: 2/11/2020
Licence number: 97665700B
Phone: 0406213779
Comment: Looking for a lever action 357 Mag / 38 Special & 30-30. Not too fussy on the make Rossi, Marlin etc. Id prefered a short barrel 16" or 20" made in stainless steel round barrel in 357/38s but blued and longer barrel or octagonal barrel is not a deal breaker. Im happy to pay $500 to $600 posted to Vic a little more if in excellent condition but hoping to keep the cost down. Also looking for a cheap 30-30 as well. Please email or text me pictures condition and your best price posted to Victoria. Id also consider a fair priced 22 WMR, 22LR and 44 Mag lever rifles. Thank you for your help
State: VIC
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