Calibre/Item: Barrel 223
Make: Bartlein
Model: Heavy Palma, for Tikka T3
Condition: Very Good
Price: $600
Advertised: 21/11/2020
Licence number: 04332144
Phone: 0407323489
Comment: Bartlein stainless Heavy Palma contour barrel, 0.224" bore, 1 in 7.5" twist rate.

Chambered for Tikka T3/T3x by renowned gunsmith & bench rest shooter Dave Kerr. Finished at 20" long. Chamber has 0.252" neck (perfect for Lapua brass without neck turning), 0.100" freebore (ideal for heavy 75gr-80gr bullets seated far out to ~2.5" OAL).

Cerakoted black (but muzzle is uncoated as I had it recut shorter). Only selling as I wanted a lighter weight contour. Shoots very well. Great upgrade for a Tikka T3 with factory barrel.
Transfering dealer: Progress Equipment, Carlisle, WA, 6101
State: WA
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